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Virgin islands ferry news: A new service from St. Thomas to St. Croix!
With over 40 years of service, Native Son Ferry is among the leading ferry operators in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Recently they received so many requests from people wanting to travel from St. Thomas to St. Croix that they decided to add this new route to their schedule! To book, simply use our search box here.
Since the Coronavirus pandemic left the maritime border between the USVI and BVI closed for many months this year, but St. Thomas and St. Croix are both part of the U.S. territory and open to tourists, the opportunity arose to add a twice weekly service (on Fridays and Sundays). Native Son uses their most reliable high-speed ferry to make the crossing between St Thomas and St Croix, taking around 2hrs to get there. The large boat is well suited to handle the open waters between the islands, making for a safe, sturdy and fast crossing.
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The schedule has been specifically designed to make day trips and short weekend breaks an easy possibility!  You can catch the 8.00 AM ferry from Charlotte Amalie to Christiansted, arrive in St Croix around 10.00 AM and sail back to St Thomas at 4.00 PM. You can also decide to spend the weekend in St Croix to have more time to explore the Island. In this case you can simply catch the 8:00 AM ferry from St Thomas to St Croix on Friday, and get back to St Thomas on the Sunday 4:00 PM ferry.
Getting from St Thomas to St Croix with Native son Ferry will only take you two hours. You will be able to enjoy the air conditioning inside or the sun and the fresh air on the sun deck. The highlight of your ferry journey will be the spectacular views of the blissful Caribbean sea and distant surrounding islands.
Native Son Ferry to St Croix

Visit St Croix

You will arrive at Gallows Bay Ferry Terminal in Christiansted, in the northern part of the island. Christiansted historic downtown is only a 5 minute walk from the jetty. Christiansted is the largest town on the island and one of the most charming Caribbean towns in existance. You will be able to explore its treasures:
  • Christiansted National Historic District - located on the waterfront, you can visit  Fort Christianvaern, the Scale House, Danish Custom House, Steeple Building, and the Danish West Indies & Guinea Company Warehouse. The site preserves its historic structure and the Danish colonnial influence.

Christian national historic district

  • Great restaurants - Such as Galangal Restaurant or Rumrunners. You will be able to taste real caribbean cuisine and plenty of seafood, besides of course sampling the famous Cruzan Rum!
  • The Waterfront Boardwalk - As you walk along the Christiansted boardwalk you will notice silvery Atlantic tarpon (fish) lingering in the water beside you. They are insatiable and will appreciate any food remnants!
caribbean food st croix
  • Scuba diving - The sandy bottom and shallow waters are perfect to discover Scuba Diving!
  • Shopping opportunities - You will find local boutiques and stores offering clothing, art, jewelry, books, souvenirs, home decor and locally made products.
If you are staying for the weekend, you could also decide to venture further into the island with a taxi, or simply by renting a car, as St Croix has many other unique activities and places for you to discover. Here are a few suggestions:
  • Visit Frederiksted - Once the site of the emancipation of slaves, “the freedom city“ has two water ports, several beach bars, restaurants and a few water sports companies.
  • Drive to Point Udall - Located on the East End of St Croix, this is the Eastern Most Point of the United States! In 2000, The Millennium Monument was erected. The drive to this monument is breathtaking. 
Point Udall St Croix
  • Go diving in St Croix - In St Croix, you can visit the wreck, the reef wall, and pier in one day! Further offshore is a pristine marine protection area "Buck Island National Monument" - worth exploring for the day if you are here for longer. N2theBlue and Ultimate Bluewater Adventures will give you access to some of the best diving locations!

Diving in St Croix

  • Visit Salt River National Historic Park - Located on the North Shore of the island, the bay is a protected ecological preserve. Christopher Columbus landed at this spot in 1493, and encountered the not-so-friendly Carib Indian tribe.
St Croix has plenty to offer, and I would strongly advise the detour when you visit the U.S. Virgin Islands. And with Native Son Ferry now operating ferries between St Thomas and St Croix, you will have no problem finding your way there! You can already book your tickets with us here!


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