Jost van Dyke

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Jost Van Dyke is one of the smallest and the most beautiful islands of all British Virgin Islands. This gorgeous island is located in the north part of the archipelago of the Virgin Islands and surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. You can easily access the island from Tortola or Saint John since the island is located only 8 km away. If you are planning to visit Jos Van Dyke, simply book your boat tickets from Tortola, Saint Thomas or Saint John.
Jost Van Dyke island was named after the dutch pirate who used this island as a hideaway. The ialnd has it all: the best white beaches, tropical nature and a small city center full of restaurants and bars. It’s highly recommended to explore Jost Van Dyke on foot because the island is rather small. The most stunning hiking path is between the great harbour towards the white beach.


The only way to reach the ever beautiful Jost Van Dyke is by sea as the island has no airport or Helipad, there are ferries and water taxi's running daily services to Great Harbour. If your travelling from the U.S. Virgin Islands, you can get the ferry service from St.Thomas or St. John with Inter Island Boat Services with departures every day except Thursdays. If you’re in the British Virgin Islands you’ll need to get to West End, Tortola where New Horizon Ferry has several daily departures seven days a week. And make sure you stop by our favourite place on the island the Soggy Dollar Bar serving delicious cocktails, cool beats and awesome Sunday BBQ’s. To book tickets to Jost Van Dyke simply use the search box.

Please Note: You will need a valid passport upon arrival as all vessels are immediately checked by customs and immigration. 



Great Harbor is an authentic Caribbean harbour located in Jost Van Dyke Island. One of the most popular spots on the island where you can explore the untouched Caribbean heritage nested within the tropical nature. You will probably arrive here.

Sandy Cay is an uninhabited island in the Carribean Sea which is clearly visible and easily accesible from Jost Van Dyke. The tiny island is a perfect place for a day trip where you can snorkeler, swim and enjoy the sun. Bring your snorkeling goggles and explore the healty reef full of  tropical fishes and other marine creatures. We advise you to come early in the morning and have the island all to yourself.

Diamond Cay National Park is one of the natural wonders of the BVI situated in the Carribean Sea. Because of the low tide, it is easily to reach the penisula from Jost Van Dyke. This place is extremely popular among the nesting birds such as pelicans, terns and boobies. During your visit, do not forget to keep your voice down in order not to scare the birds off. 

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The Playground is one of the most popular diving places in the British Virgin Islands. The diving location features many soft and hard corals, enormous pinnacles and many colorful sponges. Be ready to meet and be accompanied by anglerfishes, glassy minnows and sweepers during your dive.
The Bubbly Pool is a secret place located near Diamond Cay. The natural Jacuzzi is situated behind the cliffs and faces the open sea from the North. The incoming sea waves break and create the bubbly pool. Simply follow the footpath from the Diamond Cay and also visit the Eagle Nest and Mighty Blowhole.
White Beach is voted to be one of the best beaches in the Carribean region. All you need to do is to relax and enjoy your day at White Beach. After swimming and all the fun, grab a drink at Soggy Dollar Bar, one of the beast bars in Jost van Dyke.

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Harri’s Place is a top-ranked restaurant on Jost van Dyke Island. The restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes combined with the Caribbean flavors. Don’t miss an opportunity to try a fresh lobster dish. The restaurant is located right on the beach so you can enjoy the sea view and the sunset.
One Love Bar and Grill offers the most relaxed lunch environment on the island. The beach bar has it all from various sandwiches, wraps, salads to the delicious seafood dishes, tapas or  BBQ snacks. 
Corsairs Beach Bar and Restaurant has the best pizza’s on the island and not only. A great mix of international dishes and fresh juices attract many tourist not only from Jost Van Dyke but also from neighboring islands. The eatery is located close to the Great Harbor that makes it easy to find. 


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Soggy Dollar Bar offers the best rum cocktails on the island. A signature cocktail comprises the best rum, pineapples and the fresh orange juice so don’t miss an opportunity to try one of the best rum cocktails on the island. The bar becomes a party place after the sunset. If you are not up for the party, we recommend you to visit the Bar early in the morning when you can grab a cold drink or swing in the hammock.

Foxy’s Tamarind Bar - Located in the Great Harbour and offering traditional British Virgin Island food and drinks. This place is well known for homemade rum and delicious punch. Don’t forget to try homemade beer straight from Foxy’s microbrewery. This is the only one brewery house in the Virgin Islands. On Friday’s and Saturdays, you can expect a nice party with BBQ and live music. 

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