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The Virgin Islands

Both the British Virgin Islands and the US Virgin Islands share the same clear waters, weather, stunning views and beautiful nature. However, both destinations carry a unique vibe and are suited to different types of vacationing.

The British Virgin Islands consist of Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Jost van Dyke and Anegada. They usually attract a somewhat more exclusive clientele with stunning retreats, amazing views and activities all bit further apart from each other. There are fewer people on the beaches and the mainstay of tourism are yacht charters. If you don’t mind having to take a nice stroll for your rum, like to party among VIP's, the British Virgin Islands are where you should go. The BVI's offer pristine remote beaches and secret surf spots. Many are still free from bars, restaurants or boardwalks apart from a few beaches that are closer to resorts and population centers.

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Amazing beaches can be found on the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and the United States Virgin Islands (USVI) both, however, culturally they are two quite different experiences. Of course, we recommend island hopping throughout both to take in the unique sights and flavors of each of these gorgeous Caribbean gems.

You can visit the beautiful Virgin Islands by booking your ferry tickets through our search box above. We also offer Virgin islands Water Taxi services for those who prefer private, fast travel to their island of choice, suited to any time of their chosing. What is the best Virgin island to visit? All virgin islands are beautiful and have a their unique qualities and character. With our recommended ferries you can visit all the beautiful Virgin islands.

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The United States Virgin Islands
The United States Virgin Islands (USVI) is a chain of islands situated in the Caribbean sea on the east side of Puerto Rico. The small islands geographically belong to the Virgin Island archipelago. The United States Virgin Islands consist of three main islands including Saint John, Saint Croix and Saint Thomas and many more smaller islets. St Thomas is the busiest islands of all. Here you will find the main shopping malls, most restaurants, clubs, historical sites, luxury resorts and many other great attractions. St John boasts the most beautiful beaches, a National park and historic sugar plantations. St Croix, the largest USVI island by land area, has two main cities; Christiansted and Frederiksted. Both have plenty of history and amenities. The island is famous for its Cruzan rum, Danish colonial heritage and just offshore Scuba Divers can explore the vibrant & protected marine life at Buck Island National Monument.

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The USVI offer a Caribbean vacation with all the luxury of home. The resorts are often family orientated and provide a home away from home in the tropical sun. If you like the American way of life mixed with a strong Caribbean flavor, and stunning island surroundings, the US Virgin Islands is your go-to destination! A major advantace for Americans is that no passport is required to visit the U.S. territory. 

If you are looking to party and enjoy a more active variety of things to do then it's worth spending some time in the US Virgin Islands. Accommodation ranges from private homes with sea-view balconies, large family-friendly all-inclusive resorts and everything in between. A real highlight in the USVI is the national parks reserve on St. John, where the emphasis on keeping the natural environment pristine makes the island even more lush than it's neighbors.

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British Virgin Islands
To the east of the USVI lie the British Virgin Islands (BVI), consiting of the 4 main islands of Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Jost van Dyke and Anegada. The islands are less populous than the USVI and offer some unique features ranging from the amazing Gorda "Baths" to Anegada's flamingo lagoons. Tortola, Jost van Dyke and Virgin Gorda are quite rugged with steep elevation, having been formed by ancient volcanic activity. Remote Anegada is flatter due to its coral and limestone geography. While visiting Tortola you can explore the secluded beaches, lush green forests, and steep hills (especially on the north side, which is less populated but harder to reach). Tortola offers many things to do including yacht charter, luxury resorts, diving, snorkeling, extreme watersports, fishing and much more. Jost van Dyke is famous for its beach parties and soggy dollar cocktails. The BVI attracts some of the world's wealthiest vacationers and expats, so don't raise an eyebrow if you happen to see some famous faces in the exclusive clubs and restaurants there!

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Virgin Island Hotels

Hotel and resort offers on Virgin islands Caribbean

The Virgin islands are surrounded by the beautiful Caribbean sea where you can swim, snorkel, fish or dive. This natural paradise offers travelers a range of different islands to spend their holidays on. With Virgin Islands accommodation ranging from budget travelers to honeymooners, the Virgin Islands offers all types of accommodation. The Virgin Islands offer first class hotels, resorts and villas as well as bed and breakfasts, inns and even a couple of campsites.

Whether you are looking to stay on St Croix, St John or St Thomas there are many beautiful spots waiting to be explored. Travelers who are looking for an active nightlife will find that many US Virgin Island hotels offer just that. If you're up for a quieter and less developed paradise, you should choose an island on the British side of the Virgin Islands. On the British Virgin Islands, there are fewer people on the beach and the islands are mostly aimed towards adult vacationers and yacht charters.

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